Tutor Portal

Thank you for participating in the L2L Program as a Tutor.

In this portal, you will find helpful resources and information to help you in the program.

L2L Tutors play an important role in their school and community. They provide academic support to their peers, helping them overcome the challenges they experience. L2L Tutors also become mentors, and leaders

Overview of the L2L Program and the L2L Tutor Role​

Tutor Training

  • 3-4 hours of training by L2L Trainer
  • Online, or in-classroom

Matching with Peer

  • School Coordinator will match L2L Tutors with a peer.
  • Tutors and Peers will be connected by school coordinator.


  • L2L Tutor leads about 10 hours of peer-tutoring during the semester or school year.

Getting started as an L2L Tutor

  • Complete Registration and Pre-Program Forms (only for Grade 9-12)
  • Attend Tutor Training
    • Your School Coordinator will provide the details about the training session, including the date, time, and link (if the training will be conducted virtually).
    • You may want to complete the Learning Style quizzes in advance of the training session. 
  • Begin tutoring your assigned peer!
  • Ensure your Peer completes their program surveys. 
    • Registration (Grades 1-12) and Pre-Program Form (Only Grade 9-12)
    • Post-Program Survey
  • Make sure you complete all the program surveys 
    • Registration (Grades 1-12) and Pre-Program Form (Only Grade 9-12)
    • Post-Training Survey
    • Post-Program Survey

Learning Style Surveys

As part of the L2L Tutor Training you will explore 3 theories of learning that will help you better understand your learning style, and how to help your peer develop effective learning strategies based on their own personal learning profile.


To prepare for the L2L Tutor Training you may want to complete the following learning style quizzes in advance. Make sure you keep a record of your results from each quiz because we will discuss them.


Note: The surveys linked below are resources developed by external agencies and may contain promotions and advertising. 

Access the L2L Peer Portal to support your peer with completing their surveys and accessing program resources.

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