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Each year over 4,000 students participate in L2L across Canada. Half of these students receive certification as L2L Tutors. They complete the Tutor Training Program, and dedicate a minimum of 10 hours to supporting their peers by facilitating peer-tutoring.


The other half participate as L2L Peers. These students receive academic support from L2L Tutors. They meet with their L2L Tutor and learn how they can adapt their learning strategies to overcome the challenges they face.

See what our L2L tutors & peers have to say

My tutor made up her own fun math and multiplication games, she is the best! I learned a lot of multiplication, and find math fun now!


The L2L Program helped me to play a role in the community and help others, while developing my communication skills.


Being an L2L Tutor helped me broaden my perspective. While helping my tutor I learned so much that made me become a better student.


Celebrate our 20th Anniversary by giving students access to the L2L Program​

Benefits to Tutors

Receive Tutor Certification
Develop skills and gain experience
Help other students
Collect community service hours (varies by school)
Earn academic credit (varies by school)

Benefits to Peers

Receive free one-on-one academic support
Build relationship with a supportive peer
Build confidence

Students will receive a certificate upon the completion of L2L Tutor Training and a minimum of 10 hours of tutoring

Real stories, Real impact…

The best way [to learn] something is to teach to it.

– Lara Ocalan

Not only did my tutee learn how to take on individual homework questions,...she [became] proficient in math and developed a passion and confidence in herself.

– Frederick Sulowski

Frequently asked questions

The most important qualities of a good tutor are empathy, communication, a positive attitude, and a desire to help others. Learn more about the roles and responsibilities of an L2L Tutor. If you are at a school with an L2L program, speak with your teacher about how to get involved.

Tutors are usually a couple grades ahead of their peers, but there are also in some cases in which L2L programs are set up with tutors and peers in the same grade.

It is the School Coordinator’s responsibility to decide whether it is feasible to offer L2L programming in this way. In some schools, L2L is embedded into the Grade 11 leadership course.

There is no cost for students to receive peer-tutoring with L2L. One of the driving purposes of our program is to offer academic support to students who would not otherwise receive it to due to a lack of financial means.

Tutors can benefit from participating in L2L in the following ways:

  • Developing communication and leadership skills
  • Some secondary schools offer L2L as part of a for-credit course, so some students can obtain academic credit for participating
  • Many schools accept tutoring hours as community service hours
  • Helping another student and making a difference in their lives
  • Obtaining valuable experience to add to their resume
  • Receiving a certificate that recognizes their achievement

Peers being tutored can benefit from L2L in the following ways:

  • Having free-of-charge, one-on-one academic support in areas requiring improvement
  • Developing a relationship with a supportive peer
  • Seeing an improvement on test scores and grades
  • Developing the confidence required to succeed in and out of school

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