Sheyana's Story

“By finding the courage to learn to read and write, [we move] from dependence to independence, a step towards liberation.”


In Bernhard Schlink’s novel, The Reader, he talks about the importance of literacy in transforming lives.

When Sheyana, a 16-year-old L2L Tutor, was asked about her favourite book, she replied with “The Reader.” As an English, French, and History Tutor to two Peers, Sheyana recognizes the importance of literacy and how reading and writing can shape our future, in the best possible way.

“The best part of being an L2L Tutor is the nostalgia I feel when relearning subjects to teach my Peers,” Sheyana exclaimed, and we agree!


Tutoring is exciting because we are constantly learning new things and relearning lessons from when we were younger. Sheyana wants to be a lawyer when she grows up, and just like Bernhard Schlink, her passion for English and History will take her to incredible heights!

L2L’s Tutors are fantastic student leaders. We are so proud!

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